Today we bring you our favorites! Accessories that made us just swoon over at the very sight of them. They are not only super gorgeous but sing out loud their beautiful and out of box design.

These 5 superheroes can make you look like the best bride ever. 5 jewelry elements that you NEED TO have for your big day
The Kundan Ring :
The big ring will rest on your finger perfectly leaving no need for anything else to carry, fitting rightly to the glam quotient.
The quirky Bangle:
Designed by Manish Malhotra, this outlandish bangle will surely make it big for you. The bangle will give you a chic look with its big size and fresh design.
Ghungrooo Payal :
Beautifully sculpted payal with gold and silver and decorated symmetrical with big and small ghungroos will make your feet ready to take steps beautifully. Also the strings attaching the payal to toe rings will further add to the beauty. (Optional) you may go for a strigless payal too.
The Choker :
Out of all the comebacks of various fashion accessories, Choker seems to be the favorite of today’s bride. The choker which sets around the neck of the brides is although a small piece of jewelry but is regal enough to give the bride the majestic look.
Nath & Mangtikka: The kundan mangtikka beautifully decorated with beads or tiny stones will enhance your look in every good way. And if you want to get the best result, pair it with a crystal studded medium sized nath outlined with beautiful pearl beads.

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