Changing trends in the Indian weddings!

The concept of Indian weddings has seen drastic changes. Earlier the ceremony was a brief affair, confined to an economical budget. On the contrary, in the present time, the occasion has moved on from being a traditional affair to becoming an extravagant social gathering. In the world of weddings, things are constantly changing and evolving. The venue is no more a small/ big hall with formal seating arrangement. It’s more like a party scene now. In Fact, the whole wedding and ritual concept has changed to 4-5 days of partying with friends and family. Blame Bollywood for that!!!

Theme scheme 

Your wedding invitation, gown and venue are great ways to show off your wedding theme. Theme can be of your choice and preference. Nobody wants a boring red and pink wedding today. Do you? We want something that’s going to be talked about for years together and something that highlights their personality and style. You may take for example the peacock theme. Sounds weird? But it’s very popular in the western countries. The whole venue is decorated in shades of blue, green and gold. The colors are a total visual treat. Similarly, rustic themes, vintage themes, fairytale themes and also the red glass theme.  Sounds fancy? Then give it a shot. This wedding season don’t hesitate to try something that’s plangent and luminous.

Choli gone!

Gone are the days when the brides came out in red hot choli with their ghagras flowing. Dupatta like capes are making waves. Dupatta draped as a cape is easy to carry off for a bride. The cape with the lehenga gives a contemporary look to the bride. Girls choose the capes to be their attire hero. You may style them along with your sarees as well.

choli gone

 What’s your say on this now?

Fancy shades!


For all the soon-to-be brides. It’s time to think beyond the age-old color palette of the bridal wear. Indian weddings are commonly adorned with red and shades of pink, as per rituals. But, Brides these days are experimenting with color palettes. (Expect to see more of peaches, rustic gold, yellow and pastel colors.) You can also try some exciting colors like gold, maroon and custard yellow. Also, Strawberry ice is a versatile color and is far from the loud pink. if you do not want to go all pink, then you can wear this color with subtle gray or sea blue


Dabangg Entry  

 Brides no more want the quiet entry. Today, it only makes sense to throw a spectacular entry that would be remembered for ages. The couples today try everything and anything that it takes to get that “spectacle” entry. Right from flash mobs to loud dhools and the sparklers. Sparklers are so much fun.Especially if your event is out and after dark. You can just dance your way through them. (And do the Shava Shava).


There is much more that keeps happening in the wedding world. New ideas, new themes, new trends, just pop in every other day. So, if you are going to be a Bridezilla, start jotting down your plans along with the perfect wedding elements and get that perfect Bollywood wedding. And Of course, we are there for all the running around and the bizarre ideas.


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