Engagement rings? Check! Invitation cards? Check! Wedding buffet? Check! Priest? Check! Loud aunty and uncle? Um, check?!

They say marriages are made in heaven and we, have taken it quite literally! We have seen love stories transform into successful unions and we do our best to give a couple the perfect beginning to their “happily ever after.”

Weddings are an emotional experience and unless you’re planning otherwise, getting hitched is a one-time affair. It’s gotta be grand!

Did you know more than 40 percent of to-be-wed people spend about 10 hours a day on planning their wedding? Guess how much time we spend on planning your wedding? EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE!

We are a fan of weddings and we go the extra mile to ensure your wedding is just like you dreamt of it to be. Right from “haldi” to “bidaii,” we are with you. Catering, décor, jewelry, video and photography – you name it, we do it all!

Psst! We could also arrange for a ride if you’re planning to run away!

Give us a call today. Get hitched, in style!.

WoW, Weddings!