The Team

Tinu Mathew
As a creative director Tinu Mathew thinks of ways to improve on the existing material. He comes up with new ideas to make our product ranges more appealing. His role still involves some hands-on design and copywriting but very often it's about taking the lead on a project, working with the client and then briefing his team to create something big and unique.
Having a thorough understanding of colours, creativity and layout, Yashwanth also knows how to use design software in web-based advertising. With his knowledge of Internet specific marketing techniques and programming languages he is able to interpret a client's vision and make it a tangible and deliverable product.
Pradhyun our creative head for triangle has a good sense of both art direction and copywriting. He knows how to direct and inspire people in both disciplines. With a keen strategic mind he is constantly ahead of the game and adds new energy to existing ideas. He makes himself available for most of our client’s immersions, to help ferret out the key brand.
Nikita Lamba
Nikita carries out quantitative research to produce media evaluation reports. Along with useful details about coverage and providing media research on when and where to advertise. These are then used to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. She works on increasing the amount of online traffic through various social media outlets.